Insyde releases “Something Real” with Hennest and Tot

Insyde, an OKC based teen musician, released his latest single “Something Real” yesterday featuring fellow musicians Tot and Hennest with a strong debut, gaining over 20,000 streams total on its first day.

Insyde posted an emotional thank you video on his Instagram story thanking his fans. “You guys don’t know how much I love you all… you make me proud and feel supported by all of you, even just streaming the song goes a long way, thank you all so much!” along with requests to share the song with family and friends.

The song was received much better than his debut single, “Sometimes” which became an internet staple of cringy music, but went viral enough to garner him a small fanbase of dedicated supporters and a record deal with AWAL.

While the internet still likes to use Insyde as a public laughingstock, his staunch resistance and resiliency in the face of criticism has boosted his reputation even with the biggest of his trolls. An Instagram page ridiculing Insyde went viral, gaining over 10,000 followers by posting hate comments and “roasting” Insyde, but the owner of the page posted a notice that he would be deleting the profile “I definitely respect [Insyde], even with the whole internet making fun of him he still doesnt let it affect him and i will be deleting this page in the next 24hrs.”

His latest release has been received with much more positive attention, some calling it Insyde’s “rags to riches” breakout, while others still ridicule it.

While definitely not a fan of his first song, we are definitely impresses with his ability to stand up to the haters and bounce back with a much better song.


We reached out to Insyde for comment, and will update the article if he responds.

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