A Look at Rising New York Hip Hop Artist Kendall Joshua

Rising New-York-based hip hop artist Kendall Joshua is breaking the mold of standard genre-defining sounds and bringing her refreshingly original tracks to her ever-growing fan base. Joshua hopes to inspire and touch and the hearts of those that hear her music, and meticulously crafts her songs to break not only the typical boundaries of sound but the boundaries of subject as well.

Joshua has been making music since the age of six, and through her experience and talent, she brings to the table a variety of impressive lyricism and instrumental originality unique to her. Joshua addresses major challenges faced by today’s youth on a regular basis and hopes her listeners can relate and find hope as well as inspiration within the music she crafts.

Some of the subjects the young talent touches on include depression, anxiety, and as a contrast, how the youth of today are handling many world issues quite well. Carrying the momentum of the success of her album GANAR, Joshua plans to continue releasing music and continues to take steps to inspire those around her on a daily basis.

Listen to Kendall Joshua’s music here:


You can find Kendall Joshua on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/kjtherevolution

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