Artists LYT and Tonik Get Set to Release New Record

NuWav records founders LYT and Tonik are getting set to drop a new project shortly. LYT is a Seattle born and raised R&B singer, songwriter, and producer. His business parter Tonik was born in Queensbridge, NY but has been in Seattle for most of his life. The two decided to stick together and founded an indie record label called NuWav records to help artists around them. LYT and Tonik are on a mission to be the next ones to emerge from The Emerald City.

The artist duo has announced a new R&B/Hip-Hop record called “Sleepless in Seattle” that is set to be released soon. The album will touch on a variety of real life experiences covering multiple areas of the artists’ lives, in hopes of using their sound to capture their listeners hearts and reach them on an emotional level. When we asked the duo to give us a hint of what the album might sound like LYT said, “the album brings a new flavor to the modern R&B sound with a mix of descriptive display of lyricism and a new perspective on the city of Seattle.”

The duo previewed the artwork for the project below:

With “Sleepless in Seattle” already on the way, the duo has been building up anticipation around the city. Follow along for more updates from the artists below.

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