Travis Scott’s Insane Fortnite Concert Was One-Of-A-Kind

The past few days Fortnite has been teasing a giant Travis Scott concert event in game, even adding Travis Scott and Astro Jack skin variations into the game. The event was viewed by over 2 million people live on various streaming platforms, and with a concert of this magnitude likely tens of millions more in-game. After the April 23 concert Travis tweeted:

While we were expecting something pretty cool, we weren’t ready for an event of this magnitude. The 20 minute event starts with Astro World flying in and lighting up, followed by a giant Travis Scott avatar landing in the map, throwing players high into the sky. He sings and teleports around the map, while different changes happen all around, there are weightless moments, floating moments, underwater moment, wonky camera angles, and just overall the craziest concert experience ever. You can watch it in the video below.

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